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House StylesSettling alongside the Hudson River within the land that grew to become New York State, Dutch colonists constructed brick and stone houses like those discovered in the Netherlands.

After World War II, real property developers turned to the easy, economical Ranch Style to satisfy the housing wants of returning soldiers and their families. The briefly common Lustron Homes were essentially Ranch homes made from steel. Real estate builders Abraham Levitt and Sons turned to the Ranch Style for their deliberate group, Levittown, Pennsylvania. See: Ranch House Plans for Fifties America.

Also generally known as Monterey Colonial Revival, this house model is just like Spanish Colonial Revival, American Colonial Revival, and Mediterranean Revival. The authentic Monterey Style is an historic blend of New England and Tidewater from the East mixed with Spanish Pueblo discovered in the West. Distinct traits are associated with the house type.

The Palliser Company, which printed many plan books through the Victorian era, referred to as stick architecture plain but neat, trendy, and comfortable. However, Stick was a short-lived vogue. The angular and austere style could not compete with the flamboyant Queen Annes that took America by storm. Some Stick architecture did gown up in fancy Eastlake spindles and Queen Anne flourishes. But very few authentic Stick Style homes stay intact.

Midwestern states most commonly have bungalow and ranch/rambler-model houses. Kansas, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Missouri and Illinois primarily have these types of homes. About half of the houses in Michigan are the three kinds listed above, though Michigan also has a few third of homes built within the colonial style. Ohio is least like the opposite Midwestern states, almost definitely due to its proximity to the Northeast. Houses in Ohio are most probably to be Cape Cod or colonial type than bungalow or rambler/ranch type. Midwestern states are also extra more likely to have pre-fabricated, or manufactured, properties than other areas.