5 Interior Minimalist Home Design Tips for Small House Size



Having a home may have become the desire of everyone in this day and age. Even though house prices are increasingly inflated, having shelter and family gathering is a priority for some people. Although the house owned is quite small but it seems this will be a happiness in itself.


Moreover, you who buy a house by installments via credit. It will surely feel great when you finally finished your house. But do not stop there you also have to rack my brain to realize your dream home. Before building your house so you must have started diligently browsing various interior designs. In addition to browsing you also have started diligently mengunungi shops that sell furniture and home furnishings.


It must have a lot of options to design interior in your house. But you are still confused also because your house is small size and do not want the interior even make your house look cramped. One recommendation to organize your small house is to use a minimalist home interior design. Of course this interior design will make your house look more stylish but also has the right function. If you’ve decided to use the following minimalist interior styles are the things you need to know.


Home interior design minimalist tips for small house

If you have more funds choose or use the services of interior designers may be a powerful solution. For you who have limited funds does not mean you can not realize a comfortable dwelling you know. You can still make your little house into a comfortable gathering place. Before stuck with a variety of minimalist interior design is widely available on the internet, you can follow the following tips.


  1. Choose a neutral color as the base

We recommend choosing neutral colors as the basis of the design because the core of the minimalist design is not excessive. Instead of mixing different neutral colors you better choose a neutral color as the base. Most people choose a neutral color to paint the walls. Afterwards the color of furniture can be adjusted with the selected basic color derivative. This neutral color impression also helps your small house look much bigger plus stylish.


  1. Choose quality furniture

Small house is very tricky when choosing furniture reasons because the space is very limited. You should really choose the required furniture with good quality. Compared to buying a lot of furniture and furniture better you detail first what items are most needed. You better choose furniture with the best materials with a slightly expensive price.


  1. Play around with textures

Minimalist home interior design also relies on the game texture. Do not let your house feel so flat with the use of the same material. For example you only use solid wood furniture only with brown color and all the decorations also use one material only. This will actually make your house look heavy and narrow. Try playing with a lot of texture mislanya by adding carpet, cushion, or blanket. But remember yes again you have to use the color tone that matches the basic color you have chosen before.


  1. Invest in a stylish storage place

A small house means you also have very limited space. You may have a lot of this stuff that means you also have to invest a storage place. Now it’s not difficult to buy a stylish storage box. In addition to functioning as a store of goods, these boxes can also be a beautiful home decor.


  1. Try to get natural light

One way to get a comfortable home is to get the best light or illumination. It would not hurt to invest in changing the layout of lights or adding big windows to your home to get natural light. Do not give dim light because your house will look old and outdated. If you can not remodel the layout of lamps and windows buy some table lamps or stand lamp.