5 Tips To Make Your AC Units In Good Condition

The summer season hasn’t ended in some countries, yet the weather is getting hotter each day. Aside from going out on vacation, you can enjoy staying home. Millenials nowadays call it “staycation.” For you to enjoy summer at the comfort of your home, here are some tips on how to maintain your AC units work in good condition for a long time.

1. Replace the air filter frequently

The reason you need to replace air filters is because of specks of dirt, whether it is coming from the inside or outside of your home. Bits of Dirt, such as clouds of dust, is one of the examples. Specks of Dirt are being filtered by your AC which contributes to a non-satisfying coolness that your AC produces. So make sure to replace your air conditioner’s filter often. Replace the filter once every three months if your AC unit is just for moderate usage and not on daily usage. When your AC unit is for heavy duty such as being used daily, then change the filter once every month. You can also have an AC repair guy to check your unit.

2. Keep the heat out

When using your AC unit at the hottest time of the day, make sure you close all your windows and use curtains that block any light. To be precise, it is the sunlight that we are talking about. The sunlight brings the heat in your house that gives your AC hard time cooling your room or home. That’s the reason why you need to use curtains. It is also suitable for your AC unit to save time cooling your place. It is also ideal to have a home window tinting to block off the UV rays from coming inside your home.

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3. Consistent temperatures

Changing your air conditioner’s temperature from time to time will not help. It just adds up on how your AC unit’s motor tries hard to keep up with the temperature demand. You or someone in your house strains your air conditioner by being inconsistent with the temperature. Changing the settings from time to time will have an effect on your AC in the future. Now, remember that this is one of the ways you need to do, which is to be consistent. It is also to make sure that your AC will work fine for a long time.

4. Unplug

Make sure that when you unplug your AC, your unit has turned off every time you are not using it. Unplugging it directly without your AC unit being turned off will suddenly damage any parts of your AC. On the other hand, unplugging it after it is being turned off will save you tons of money on your next bill.

5. Maintenance

Though you are doing your part in maintaining your unit, there are still some parts that a professional technician should check. A professional technician can check the inside of your AC unit if there is something that needs to be changed.

Just remember that maintaining your AC unit to work fine will need an effort coming from you as an owner. There are times that you cannot prevent troubles from happening. That would be the time for you to call a professional technician. Also, you can also head to this AC repair shop for an appointment.