5 Unique Lampshade, The Room Must Be Beautiful

The appearance of the room is certainly influenced by small components. Whether we realize it or not, the design of a lampshade or lamp cover can affect the appearance of a room. The selection should be adjusted to the theme and concept of the room. You can visit the Flos to find the lights with a special concept that can certainly be ascertained by the design of your room. Want to know what the design looks like? This is it!

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Oval Lampshade

The room in your house is narrow and elongated? This lampshade design is suitable to be stored in a room like this. Although the shape looks minimalist, the oval-shaped lampshade is able to display the impression of luxury.

Unfortunately, this oval lampshade is quite rare because it is quite difficult to find. Well, if you have a lampshade like this, of course, it should be proud and immediately install it in the corner of the house.

Box Lamp Shades

This lampshade is able to bring a modern impression on the corner of your home. The placement itself will be very suitable if there is a house that carries a modern minimalist theme.

The boxy shape makes the style look more minimalist compared to other lampshade designs. this lampshade will be a unique attraction if it has a color that contrasts with the walls of the room.

Foldable Lamp Shade

Want to show a feminine impression at home? Just use a lampshade or creased. The beautiful design is certainly, able to present a feminine and traditional impression. Why is that? Just pay attention to the shape that reminds us of the shape of a woman’s skirt.

The use of folded lampshades must also be careful. Why? The form is already too “busy” not to collide with the theme of the room. Proverbial if you use a folding lampshade, then do not use wallpaper.

Drum Lampshade

Especially for this lamp design, you can use it on any home theme. Therefore, many people choose the design of this lampshade because it is more practical. You just need to adjust the color and motif.

Why get into various types of home designs? This is supported by its relatively neutral form. If you rearrange the room at home, then the old drum lamp shade can still be used as long as it still matches the color and motif of the room.

Bell Lamp Shades

Does your house have a vintage theme? Well, you should also complete the room using a bell lamp shade. In addition to accentuating the traditional impression, the shape of this lampshade also gives the impression of elegance and grace. Certainly, a vintage-style room becomes more beautiful.

Wow, all the designs are unique, right? For you, which one? Come on, choose the right lampshade design to make your home look more beautiful!