How to Keep Mosquitos Away from Your Home

Mosquitos and pests are one of the most common issues that homeowners face during the summer season. Mosquitos are often attracted to light and enter the home through open windows and doors, which can lead to bites on residents. If you want to keep mosquitos away from the property and protect yourself, there are a few necessary steps to take.

Remove Stagnant Water
Standing water that is present in the yard or the rain gutters will attract the insects, making it necessary to maintain a dry environment. Remove standing water that is present in flower pots, small swimming pools, and buckets. Repair areas in the property that are prone to having puddles and fix hoses that tend to drip water. If a swimming pool is present in the backyard, keep it chlorinated and change the filter to ensure that mosquitos aren’t drawn to the water as you relax outside.
Hire Professionals
Hire professionals from a company like Mosquito Squad of Greater Austin to spray the perimeters of the property to keep the insects away. A pro can check for hidden spots where mosquitos can breed and hide. They’ll also look for tears in the window screens and can replace the product if necessary to ensure that the home is properly sealed.
Avoid Eating Outside
Although the spring and summer season is an ideal time to entertain and dine outdoors, bringing food into the yard can cause mosquitos to be attracted to the property. Opt for enjoying a cold beverage outdoors if you want to spend time outside without putting yourself at risk of getting bitten.
You can also tent your patio if you want to eat outdoors without having content with insects. Using a mosquito net tent will create a blockage to the bugs and will also prevent the food from being in contact with repellents that are sprayed.
If you plan to entertain outdoors, consider spraying the property the day before to prevent your guests from being affected by the chemicals that are used.
Plant Natural Repellants
Add natural repellants that will release their scents when they’re roughed up in the yard. Use citronella, basil, and lemongrass will prove to be useful. Shake the bushes and rustle the leaves to ensure that the plant repels the mosquitos when you plan to spend time outdoors and want to protect yourself.