Minimalist Home Just For You
Having a comfortable home would be everyone’s dream.
For home land with a large area, would be very easy in the arrangement of the faithful of home furnishings.
But for those of you who do not have a large enough land area of ​​houses, minimalist home design can be a challenging thing.

# 1 Note the Use of Furniture

For a simple minimalist house with a small area, you need to pay attention to the use of your home furnishings.
If you use unsuitable home furnishings, it will instead make the room in your house appear more narrow.
For home decoration should not be forced to use luxury goods and expensive because it will drain your pocket.
With a small budget, appear simple and minimalist is a good idea.

# 2 Wallpaper Usage

You can also use wallpapers to make your home look more beautiful.
For a house with a simple look, you should not have wallpaper with a busy motive.
Use wallpaper for some corner of the room only. Try not to fill the entire room with wallpaper for a simple minimalist impression of the room to stay awake.

# 3 Use Mirror

The reflection of light on the mirror can make a small room seem more spacious.
You can use a mirror installed in a medium-sized room equipped with a small frame at the edges.

# 4 Set Exposure

The look of the house will be different from the correct lighting settings.
Setting light is very important for a simple minimalist home.
The ambience of the room will appear more spacious if you adjust the lighting properly.

 # 5 Take advantage of the Corner Room

Since the space you have is not large enough, you need to work around it as well as possible.
Every corner of the room has a clear function.

# 6 Simple Storage Space

Sometimes we have a variety of items that can not be placed in any place but need a special place for storage.
The existence of storage space will make the look of your house more neat and clean.

# 7 Use Large Size Window

Air circulation is necessary in every home. In addition to air vents for room air change, minimalist home windows need to be made with a larger size.
Why should it be large enough? Given your small size house, the size of the window is large enough to allow sunlight can penetrate into the house more.

# 8 Additional Accessories

Use of accessories can also make your home minimalist design can look sweet and beautiful. But the number of accessories you use should not be too much so as not too crowded.
Placement of accessories should also be placed in a special place so as not to block the view.