Monochrome Interior, One Color That Changes Everything

The recently organized monochrome exhibition has taken the use of “only one color” in the interior to the next level; featuring impressive and attractive interior ideas and concepts.

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It is rather difficult, especially for those who are not or are not familiar with focal points and environments with just one color to be able to feel comfortable. However, be prepared, the use of one color has brought a fundamental change in the concept of interior design in general.

Monochrome is not new in interior design. The idea of ​​using one of the basic elements of interior design has long been known and developed. But in fact, the use of monochrome colors for the interior is somewhat lacking in place, many people prefer the color combination rather than the use of only one color.

Color will always be related to psychology. However, based on the most up-to-date studies and research, colors can have effects and effects on, not only mental or psychological health, but also physiology. Color psychology is derived science as well as the main science supporting and perfecting the interior design idea itself.

Monochrome interior design

Referring to wikipedia, monochrome or ekawarna comes from Greek, monochromos, which means only one color. Monochrome also has a category, which is a neutral colored monochrome that usually appears in hues of gray and black and white scale. Monochrome objects are colored in various gradations in a single color or hue.

To make it more concrete and visual, here are a series of monochrome interior concepts from Dezeen.

Monochrome exhibition in Brooklyn that displays monochrome interior ideas in a variety of impressive colors. This exhibition proves that a room that only uses one color can also look very attractive.

Monochrome interior design proves that color can change everything. The idea of ​​interior paint colors so far has indeed become one of the easiest and most practical ways that can be done to be able to change the appearance of space to look new and fresh.

Are you ready for monochrome interior ideas?