Some facts about the roof of your house


When people think about “fun”, they don’t usually think about roofing. However, here are some truly “fun” facts about roofing that you can share with your family and amaze your friends with.

  1. The first roofing materials discovered by archaeologists were clay tiles. These tiles were dated to being from around 10,000 BC. From just after this time period, thatch has been discovered in settings that indicates it was used for roofing material. Stone is another material that has been found in ancient village digs.
  2. Thatch makes such a great roofing material because of the way it is bound. The reed used in thatch roofing is naturally resistant to water and it is bound so tightly together that water just rolls right off it, much like off of the back of a duck. A properly processed thatch roof is resistant to water, snow, and even sleet. It is one of Mother Nature’s wonders.
  3. In the Pacific Northwest, one of the most beloved kinds of shingles is actually red cedar shingles. While these are not very popular in other parts of the country, they remain a tried and true piece of architecture in the upper left part of the country.
  4. According to roofing companies portland oregon, metal roofing tiles are usually lighter than all other types of roofing tiles simply due to the fact that they can be manufactured much thinner than other materials are able to while all the while still maintaining their innate strength.
  5. When it comes to leaky roofs, the source of the leak can actually be as far away as 20 feet from where the water drips out simply because of the way that water travels.

Hopefully, these fun and interesting facts have piqued your curiosity about roofing and other aspects of the industry.