Using A Marijuana Vaporizer To Save Money

    Besides the fact that a marijuana vaporizer can do wonders to improve the health of your lungs, there’s another reason a lot of people might consider getting one that isn’t discussed as often. No matter what, people will self medicate with substances like alcohol or cannabis and this isn’t inherently bad. Everyone is different and any kind of drug use can vary widely depending upon a whole lot of factors and circumstances. Depending on where you’re from, however, you might find yourself spending a bit more than you can really afford on your weed. It’s easy to smoke a couple grams for people that have been smoking regularly for years, and in some places this can equal out to more than 20$ per day on smoking herb. If you’re not making that much money and you’re struggling to amass any savings because you rely heavily on pot to maintain your mental health or treat chronic pain or something, then a vaporizer might be exactly what you need. Let me explain why.

    Less Bud Per Session

    If you’re used to smoking joints especially, it’s pretty easy to go through almost a gram for every joint. If you’re the type to smoke multiple joints per day, your stash dwindles pretty freaking fast. The great thing about most vaporizers is that you can extract as much THC in the vapor from 0.3 grams as you can from almost a gram of smoked weed. The high creeps up much slowly, but lasts longer overall. As a result, it can feel a bit less powerful than you’re used to, but you’ll definitely sleep just as well and vaporizers tend to treat pain much more effectively too. The process of packing the chamber in a marijuana vaporizer and the time it takes to enjoy a whole session also might discourage you from doing it nearly as often as you might rip a bowl throughout your days.

More Mileage

On top of the fact that you might save money from using less weed per session, you also get more mileage out of the herb you put in a marijuana vape. I say this because after vaporizing a chamber full of weed, the browned leftovers in the chamber actually become an easy peasy edible THC snack. By vaping bud instead of smoking it, you allow the plant matter to survive after being heated and in it there’s a whole bunch of additional THC that used to be THC-A. If you save this stuff up, you can make a big batch of potent edibles every couple weeks.