Vinyl Windows Toronto Maintenance Tips

It is general knowledge that when you buy vinyl windows Toronto, they should have a warranty of twenty years and above. However, one thing that homeowners are ignorant about is that this warranty doesn’t cater for the human negligence of poor use that causes breakages.

We also agree that most problems of the window they are not associated with the installation process but have something attributed to customer mishandling. Although vinyl windows are durable, they need proper maintenance to make sure they last for all the expected lifespan. See more here on how to ensure your windows last for long.

  1. Maintenance of Windows Starts with The Right Operation

Window frames and sashes are prone to crack when mishandled during closing and opening the windows. Each window design comes with its special way to operate, so it performs flawlessly for a long time. For instance, you are supposed to close a sliding window using your two hands. If you train yourself how to operate vinyl windows Toronto properly, you can avoid many door breakages that develop over time.

  1. Cleaning the Window Glass

The glass panes are cleaned well using a mild vinegar-based cleaner or soap. The primary concern when cleaning the surface of the glass is the streaks. It is recommended you use a sponge or even a newspaper. Streaks can develop if you use ammonia-based cleaners.

Apply light circular motions during cleaning. If streaks develop on the exterior side of the window use water to wash them.

  1. Cleaning the Vinyl Exterior

One significant advantage of vinyl windows Toronto is that they are effortless to maintain especially when it comes to cleaning. Rain is just enough to make the interior clean and free from dirt and dust. However, it is recommended to clean the frame once or twice a year to get rid of the excess dirt and protect the frame from losing their original colour.

  1. Cleaning Sash Tracks

Sash tracks play a significant role in keeping your vinyl window functioning correctly and airtight. The tracks can be cleaned using warm water and detergent. By cleaning the sashes, you reduce the hinge wear and tear, and weather-stripping. They also facilitate drainage of water from the drainage channels.

  1. Cleaning Window Screens

Bent window screens are in most cases due to poor handling by the owner. What you should know is that most vinyl windows replacement Toronto companies don’t cover this in their warranties. In most cases, the screens break when they are forcefully taken out by the owner during cleaning. So, it is better you take great care during the cleaning of the window screens.

The outer surface of the window screens can be cleaned the way the rest of the vinyl parts of the window are cleaned.

In conclusion, maintenance of windows is something that doesn’t consume much of your time. It can be done once or twice yearly. However, with the vinyl windows Toronto, the entire process can be quick, inexpensive and easy on labour.