Ways to Add Charm to Your Bathroom

Bathrooms do not have to be boring. Everyone in the family spends a lot of time in this room, and making it aesthetically pleasing can uplift everyone’s moods and impress your guests. There are some simple ways to add charm to your bathroom without a lot of hassle. One trend in bathroom decor currently is the use of metallic accents. This is easy to accomplish, and homeowners can add a little or a lot depending on budgets and desire. Other current bathroom favorites include using nature-inspired designs, hues and materials. The decor can be anything from classy traditional to warm country casual.

Recreate You Bathroom Vanity and Sink
Simply switching up your bathroom vanity and/or sink can literally transform your bath into a gorgeous space where everyone will want to linger awhile. Consider installing a gorgeous handcrafted copper sink. This metal is so popular right now, and this look never goes out of style. Adding a fabulous shiny sink in a warm copper hue brings an element of opulence to an otherwise ordinary bathroom. These copper sinks can be simple round or oval shapes, and these can stand alone with a cloth skirt, or these sinks can be part of a single or double basin vanity upgrade.
Add Mood Lighting to Create a Room with Depth
Most bathrooms have standard lighting that is not very flattering. Instead, add some intriguing light fixtures in the decor style of your choice. Pendant lights can take a ho-hum bath space to oh-my status instantly. Try hanging retro vintage fixtures above your vanity, or mount sconces on the walls for a romantic vibe. An industrial style black wrought iron fixture can look stunning in either a country decor or a modern space that needs some depth. Light candles during your bath for total sensory bliss.
Utilize Natural Materials Found in Nature
When going with a copper sink, consider adding bamboo or other hardwood floor planks. This can work in a spa retreat decor, it can be beach casual, or it can invoke warmth into a classic modern design. Adding free floating wooden shelves is an excellent way to implement this design choice. If not able to install a copper sink, consider using copper facets or as accent vanity containers instead. Add some real green plants for added beauty and an earthy vibe that always looks right.
Tips for Making Your Bathroom into a Calm Retreat
Nature colors and materials tend to be relaxing. Think sage green, earthy oranges, warm browns and tans. Find places for toiletries and supplies to keep clutter at bay which is often stressful. Use calming scents that induce relaxation and consider adding glass or mirrors to create an illusion of more space. Glass with metals like gold or bronze can look opulent. Stock your bath with thick inviting towels and add a soft throw rug with bold colors and textures. With some thought, your bathroom can become your indoor sanctuary.